A lesson in thinking before speaking

Finding the location of a caravan repairs shop proved more difficult than expected. On the phone to the shop foreman, Laura was trying to describe our location so we could be given directions when she spotted a bright green shopfront and cited its name as a reference point. There followed a long silence before the foreman indicated, with plenty of throat clearing, that he was not familiar with this particular business.

Looking around, Laura named a couple of other landmarks in the vicinity. The foreman did know these and it turned out we were on the right road and only a couple of minutes away. Hanging up, Laura expressed surprise that the foreman hadn’t heard of the green shop. “But it’s only a kilometre down the road,” she said to Jono “You think if you worked in the area you’d remember a bright green shop, especially one called The Love Shack. Maybe it’s new” … Seeing the amusement on Jono’s face her voice trailed off as a distinctly neon light bulb went off in her head. Ah.

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