Cooking with Claude

As anyone who has ever gone camping will know, most days unfold pretty much like this: wake up, eat breakfast, start thinking about what you’ll have for lunch, partake in miscellaneous activity, prepare lunch, eat lunch, start thinking about what you’ll have for dinner, partake in miscellaneous activity and/or laze around the camp site, prepare dinner, eat dinner, sit around the camp fire.

After four months on the road, all we can say that the above schedule is pretty true to form – so it’s lucky Laura loves cooking. In contrast to most travellers we’ve met we undertake the vast majority of our meal preparation inside the caravan. We have a charcoal BBQ which we use from time to time but we are lucky that our little kitchen has everything we need, including a small four-burner gas stove and a correspondingly small gas oven.

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post, we also have a Thermomix with us so we grind a lot of our own flours etc. Jono’s a bit of a condiment demon so we also make our own mayonnaise, oh, and homemade Nutella is a favourite. If Jono’s a condiment demon then Laura is a sweets devil, so we eat a healthy amount of treats!

Anyway, we thought it might be fun to add some of our favourite travelling recipes to this site. Laura’s a vegequarian who eats seafood as well as eggs and dairy, but no other meat – the idea being that she can catch and kill a fish or an oyster but couldn’t do the same with any other creature. So a heads up that you won’t be finding much meat here. Other than that we don’t follow any particular diet, nor do we have food allergies.

Our recipes will be just as tasty in a home without wheels and should be even easier to make in a proper kitchen.

As a side note we were interested to see that Nutrition Australia recently updated their Healthy Eating Pyramid.

Healthy Eating Pyramid