Destination Melbourne

After spending Friday night at a roadside rest area sporting some pretty odiferous facilities we were very happy to get to Shell and Dan’s house in Richmond, Melbourne. Seeing Shell, Dan and Jack was awesome, but it was a tour of their bathroom, particularly the shower, that stole the show for us initially. Though Claude does boast some bathroom facilities we don’t use these when covering long distances as we all but empty out our water tank to save on weight. Hopefully we didn’t smell too much of eau de roadside toilet(te) but, frankly, this is a scent that we’d best get accustomed to.

The last three and a half days have been very enjoyable as we’ve pottered around Melbourne with Shell and Dan as guides. Bathroom aside, the highlights included Madame Brussels cocktail bar on Bourke Street, witnessing an impromptu auction of Kanye West’s shoes (yes, really!) in an alleyway and the Tyabb antiques barns. The antiques barns are enormous, and truly amazing. Never before have we seen so many old and weird and wonderful things! I had some trouble finding Jono at one point, as he did his best to lose himself amongst the comic book memorabilia. Luckily the camouflage attempt came unstuck thanks to his flanno.

Jono-comic-memorabilia-Batman-Tayabb Jono-versus-alien

We’re very grateful to Dan, whose handiwork means that we have departed Melbourne with freshly fitted Anderson plugs on both our truck and our van. This enables us to run our fridge on 12 volt power when driving, which is pretty invaluable. Unfortunately, Dan’s local council was not as generous as Dan himself, treating us to a $74 parking fine less than an hour before we left for the southern-most tip of mainland Australia: Wilsons Promontory. Anyway, onwards and upwards (or downwards, as the case may be).

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