Dream Big, Live Small

Even though we know they’re out there, we’ve not met too many other young Aussies during our Champion the Wonder-ing. So we were excited when a young couple pulled up next to us in their converted bus. Heidi and Craig recently sold their house and are living out their dream life on the road, planning to work and play their way around Australia for many years to come.

Just about every person we’ve met during our trip has enhanced the experience so we were surprised to hear about Heidi and Craig’s encounter with a grey nomad, disgruntled to find them living their dream rather than “earning” it. I’ve worked hard my whole life. What have you done to deserve this? seemed to be the gist of the complaint.

It’s hard to put into words how glad Jono and I are that we are that we didn’t fall prey to such a mindset. Why should dreams and reality exist in separate spheres? Our Champion the Wonder adventure has been all about merging the two. By embracing the vision of this trip (fears and all) we’ve sown the seeds of dreams we’d never imagined – and now we’re living them, too.

When Brendan Batty got in contact to ask if we’d be interested in writing an article for his excellent Australian Caravan + RV magazine we barely dared to hope it would happen. However, we’re stoked to say that it has. And not only that, but they’ve featured one of Jono’s shots as the cover image. You can check out 5 bucket list places that make you feel tiny in the October/November edition, along with plenty of other informative and inspirational articles. We’re in good company.

Work towards your dreams, but more importantly, realise that time is not a commodity to be gambled upon. It’s never too late (or too early!) to cross something off your bucket list.

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