scrambled eggs

Best Scrambled Eggs

It might be a big claim but we think our Best Scrambled Eggs really are some of the best going. Easy, yummy and healthy, they’re a staple in our van. Add toasted bread of choice, avocado and any other extras that might take your fancy and you’ve got the perfect breakfast – or dinner! It seems to be a little-known secret that the trick to perfectly scrambled eggs is to cook them slowly over a low heat (no milk or cream needed). This keeps them nice and soft and prevents rubbery disasters. (more…)


Cooking with Claude

As anyone who has ever gone camping will know, most days unfold pretty much like this: wake up, eat breakfast, start thinking about what you’ll have for lunch, partake in miscellaneous activity, prepare lunch, eat lunch, start thinking about what you’ll have for dinner, partake in miscellaneous activity and/or laze around the camp site, prepare dinner, eat dinner, sit around the camp fire.

Boroka Lookout sunrise

How much does it cost to travel Australia? Three months in.

Just how much does it cost to travel Australia? That was a question we asked many times before setting off on our trip. Well, at the time of writing this we have been on the road for 109 days – about three and a half months – and we’ve spent approximately $10,400. This total accounts for every dollar that’s left our possession since departing home and includes all the usual costs (food, diesel, site fees etc) as well as our various insurances (health, caravan, car, pet) and even what we’ve spent on gifts.


Reed Lookout, the Grampians

Guest post for Rebel on a Rainbow

We were thrilled when the lovely people over at Rebel on a Rainbow (ROAR) asked us to write an Adventure Story for their blog. We’ve had so many adventures since setting out that we struggled to choose a favourite. In the end we decided that this trip – the biggest gamble of our lives – was an adventure in itself, and things unfolded from there.


Tips and tricks for travelling Australia with a dog

The pre-trip consensus from a lot of people was that travelling Australia with a dog would seriously limit our itinerary because we wouldn’t be able to go to national parks. Frankly, we’ve found that travelling-with-a-dog isn’t all that different to living-in-a-house-with-a-dog and we can honestly say that Neddy has enhanced rather than limited our travelling experiences.


Packing to travel Australia

We were more than a little daunted at the thought of packing to travel Australia – for an open-ended trip in both hot and cold climates, no less! The adage “less is more” was thrown at us hundreds of times. This is good advice, however, we would also suggest keeping your interests and hobbies at the forefront of your mind. If you use an item at home everyday, chances are you are going to want to use it in the caravan. Adversely, if you have items you don’t use, then you are unlikely to want or use them on the road. Same goes for clothes! (more…)