Port Fairy rockpool

Killarney Beach and Port Fairy: beyond the Great Ocean Road:

We set off from Princetown all too conscious that we were heading towards Warrnambool, the town which marks the end of the Great Ocean Road. It felt like a significant milestone – a beginning as much as an ending: we were all present and accounted for, we hadn’t experienced any major disasters and we still had so much ahead. Pats on the back and scratches behind the ears all ‘round. (more…)

Kangaroos at Princetown Recreation Reserve

Princetown: kangaroos, kangaroos, more kangaroos. Oh, and some Apostles.

As we drove down the road leading to Princetown Recreation Reserve we saw a few kangaroos. Then we turned into the campsite and saw a few more. And then some more. All of a sudden there was too many kangaroos to count. Based on the whimpering noises coming from both Jono and Neddy, it’s hard to say who was more excited between the two of them. (more…)

Johanna Beach sunes

Johanna Beach: we might just stay here forever

Johanna Beach is a surfing, camping and fishing spot that was recommended to us by a number of people. After taking a day trip there while we were staying at Marengo, there was no way we weren’t going back for more. This blog must soon be reaching its maximum quota for words such as ‘amazing’, ‘breathtaking’ and ‘spectacular’ but these don’t even begin to scratch Johanna’s surface. (more…)

Cape Otway Lighthouse koalas

Apollo Bay and Dando’s Camp Ground: the one where we take a detour

Our next stop after Wye was in the Apollo Bay area. We ended up at Marengo Holiday Park, which is a couple of kilometres past Apollo Bay and right on the beach. After settling in we decided to go for a drive. We continued west – primarily because we both enjoy the “this is the furthest point we’ve been from home since starting our trip” conversation – and took a right hand turn down a very windy dirt track (that’s windy as in the trail wound around, not as in the air was blowing in gusts). (more…)

Free camping Wye Great Ocean Road

Point Impossible and Wye: beginning to the Great Ocean Road

Our first night out of Melbourne was spent at Point Impossible, in Torquay. We got a bit lost on our way in and after driving the last couple of kilometres down a corrugated dirt road we opened Claude’s door to find the pantry had burst open and that food was everywhere. A first, and hopefully a last. (more…)