re-registering a written-off caravan

Re-registering a written-off caravan

Between our accident and getting back on the road (if you haven’t read about the accident you can do so here) we were contacted by a few people wondering how we planned to go about about re-registering a written-off caravan, since usually it’s not legally possible to do this. Subsequently, we did a lot of research to make sure that all our actions were above board. Based on information found online and given to us by the relevant authorities we learned that

  • Claude was not added to the written-off vehicles register
  • his registration did not get cancelled
  • we could re-insure him (and we have!)


Resurrecting Claude

Claude was written off, not because he was damaged beyond repair, but because the amount of labour that was involved in resurrecting him required more funds than what he was insured for. So, the deal with Shayne at Donegan’s Services has been that we do whatever grunt work we can (under his supervision!) to keep costs down, while his team does the specialised labour.

Although we’ve had a few setbacks, slowly but surely, Claude is beginning to resemble his former glorious self. You can have a look at the progress we’ve made below. (more…)