travelling with a toilet

Travelling with a toilet (or not): the lowdown

Before embarking on our trip we spent a lot of time (much more than we care to admit) discussing matters of a toileting nature. We ummed and we ahhed and we ummed some more. Eventually, as mentioned in our Touring Gear for Travelling Australia post, we decided that the day we needed a toilet and didn’t have one would be a very bad day. So we went out and bought a reputable Thetford port-a-potti. Though it’s a quality product, in hindsight – and had we done more research – we may have made a different choice. Here’s an overview of things to consider before you make your own travelling toilet arrangements.

Savings 101: knowing your expenses

Whether you’re planning a Champion-the-Wonder-type adventure or not, you’re unlikely to regret putting time and effort into a savings plan. For us, savings made this trip – when we started considering it – an actual possibility instead of a pipe dream.

If you’ve read our How much does it cost to travel Australia? Three months in post you will know that these days we use a mobile app to track our spending. This is a relatively new discovery for us and one we’d highly recommend for anyone wanting a comprehensive overview of their finances. (more…)

Packing to travel Australia

We were more than a little daunted at the thought of packing to travel Australia – for an open-ended trip in both hot and cold climates, no less! The adage “less is more” was thrown at us hundreds of times. This is good advice, however, we would also suggest keeping your interests and hobbies at the forefront of your mind. If you use an item at home everyday, chances are you are going to want to use it in the caravan. Adversely, if you have items you don’t use, then you are unlikely to want or use them on the road. Same goes for clothes! (more…)