Sunset at Reed Lookout, the Grampians

The Grampians: from bush to mountains

Journeying to the Grampians was an experience in itself. We marvelled at the mountain ranges which emerged from completely flat surrounds and then at the beauty of the winding, bush-lined road leading to Halls Gap. Successfully negotiating the aforementioned road’s plethora of hairpin turns, caravan intact, was also a memorable plus. Intending to stop in the Grampians for just two days, we ended up staying for seven. Each place we went to was better than the last, which made it difficult to leave.

Being a national park we worried that we might encounter insurmountable prejudices against Neddy (ahem, NSW). However, we’re happy to report that taking a dog to the Grampians is do-able. We stayed at the pet-friendly Grampians Gardens Tourist Park and made sure to do the lion’s share of our sightseeing early morning or late afternoon. This meant that Neddy, worn out from el mucho ball chasing, could doze in a cool car.

Our favourite spots, in no particular order, were:

Boroka Lookout

Boroka Lookout, the Grampians

Overlooking Halls Gap from Boroka Lookout

Boroka Lookut, the Grampians

A dawn zen moment

Boroka Lookout sunrise

Nuclear visions

Mackenzie Falls

Swimming at Mackenzie Falls

“Good water pressure!” yells Jono, while enjoying a quick shower

Fish Falls

Fish Falls is about half an hour past Mackenzie Falls

Fish Falls is about half an hour’s walk past Mackenzie Falls. Jono showered here, too. It was a very clean day

The Balconies

The Balconies, the Grampians

The Balconies – formerly called the Jaws of Death (and apparently changed so as not to scare tourists!)

The Balconies, the Grampians

Laura flapping her wings

Reed Lookout

Reed Lookout, the Grampians cliff edge

You know you’re high when you can see the cloud shadows

Reed Lookout sunset

Taking it all in

Reed Lookout, the Grampians

Dorks being dorky

Sunset at Reed Lookout, the Grampians

Sunset pastels

The Pinnacle

Mini Grand Canyon at the Pinnacle Lookout walk

Exploring a mini Grand Canyon on the way up

Pinnacle Lookout, the Grampians

A punliciously pinnacle moment

The Pinnacle Lookout, the Grampians

Sorry Jono’s mum

The Pinnacle Lookout, the Grampians

Sorry Laura’s mum

Bellfield Lake

Lake Bellfield, the Grampaians

There’s no straight lines in nature

Lake Bellfield dog friendly

Neddy’s balancing act along the railing at Bellfield Lake

Mount William (probably our favourite even though the clouds hid what would have been a beautiful sunset)

Mount William walk

On our way to the summit

Mount William sunset

We had the whole mountain to ourselves

We also spent a day exploring the Grampians’ many 4WD tracks (and saw only two other vehicles the whole time). The tracks vary from regular dirt roads to more technical medium grades which meant they gave Bernie a good work out and Laura and Jono a couple of nervous moments. The area has been impacted by a number of fires over the years so it was really interesting to see the different stages of bush regeneration. We found many out-of-the-way lookouts, saw two bush deer and generally had an awesome time.

Grampians 4WD tracks

Low range, first gear. It was steeper than it looks!

Grampians lookout aerial

4WD access only

Aerial Grampians view

Birds eye view

Grampians lookout 4WD access

Find a ledge, take a photo

The Grampians 4WDing

Not a bad spot for lunch

4WDing in the Grampians

Chinamans 4WD track

The 4WD adventure was an occasion when our navigator really came into its own. It was great to drive all day and get as lost as possible before instructing our trusty Hema to take us home. The other outcome of this day was that Neddy got Pavloved, That is, he became conditioned to associate bumpy roads with kangaroos. Now, anytime we drive onto a dirt track, Neddy is on full alert.

Neddy also found plenty of reasons to practice alertness while back at the caravan park. Apparently the Grampians Gardens’ ‘pet friendly’ policy wasn’t limited to dogs, so excitement levels went up a notch when he heard a cat miaowing in the tent right next door. A trio of very bold emus threw another element into the mix when they swaggered right up to our caravan and engaged us in a stare down. Happily, the situation defused before any punches or pecks were thrown.

Grampians Garden Tourist Park emus

Emus emu-ing

Halls Gap emu

Copping the full force of an emu glare

The seven nights flew by and before we knew it we were packing up again – this time in preparation for a border crossing.

6 thoughts on “The Grampians: from bush to mountains

  1. Jon

    Hey Lau….you’re turning into the veritable wordsmith. ( Im assuming you are the author—-sorry Jono) Everything looks pretty cool out there in Australia land…….just keep away from the emus…….they are bastards.

    Go the eels.

    Uncle Jon

    • Laura and Jono

      Glad you’re enjoying the posts. As you well know Laura has never struggled to find things to say. Jono does an excellent job in the role of photographer, so it all comes together pretty easily.

      Don’t worry, we are keeping all six eyes on the emus.

      Up the might Bunnies!

  2. Scott & Fi

    WOW!! – What a trip so far!!! No parking fines out there!!!
    Loving your work with the great dialogue & fantastic photography!!! Where do we buy the book?
    How’s your water pump?
    Leaving Burke & Wills for dead!!!
    Love to you all
    Scott, Fi, Sammi, Dan & Jake

    • Laura and Jono

      Hi guys! No more parking fines, thank goodness. The water pump seems to be working okay but we think there’s a blockage in the line which stops the tank filling up. We’re getting it looked at soon (BEFORE we hit the Nullabor).

      We doubt Burke and Wills had the benefit of a Hema Navigator. We are thankful for ours everyday as we’d probably find ourselves in similar strife otherwise.

      Neddy sends a lick to Jaz and we send hugs to all of you

  3. Murray Pollard

    Hi guys,
    Good to see you’re enjoying it all and bernie is behaving. Jealous as hell but will be out there soon and catch up on the road somewhere. Have bought a 40 foot bus and wife is driving the 4wd, so will get off road too.
    Cheers, Murray.

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